Thursday, May 4, 2017

#8 The Secret Life of Hal

Apt 309 was a model apartment for the extremely rare browser of an apartment in the victorian. Hal managed to climb in there through a window left cracked everyday. He had convinced himself that he lived there now, and Dave was no longer his roommate. Dave was not in fact his roommate, but his owner. Hal’s narcissistic views also lead him to believe that he was a telemarketer. This was all his imagination, however the workers at Empire Offices did let him roam around the place from time to time.

Hal was prescribed some pills that he needed to take daily. The Vet told dave that the pills would help get hal into his cage. Hal could not understand this, because if he could he would have never taken his pills. The cage was the last place Hal wanted to be. Hal despised his cage. It was the reason he left in the first place. He felt alienated by the cage. He didn’t like feeling trapped, or looking out of the small hole on only one side of the cage.

Dave mixed in the pills with Hal’s dinner. Hal ate his dinner and the pills. Dave decided to test his luck by trying to get hal into his cage. Hal complied immediately. He laid down in his cage and looked up. The red space suit sticker was still across the ceiling of his cage.

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