Friday, April 28, 2017

#7 Dave

Hal ran down the street illuminated by the dark orange moon. Other people were out observing the moon, but hal kept running. As he passed the window of the olive Garden, he saw the red spacesuit on himself in the mirror reflection. Hal immediately looked down to make sure that he was still wearing his suit. As he confirmed that he was wearing his suit, he ran directly into Barnabas's car that was stopped at a stop light. “You're killing me Hal. What's your deal man?” This was a completely normal reaction considering this was the second time that Hal had run into Barnabas’s car in a week. Hal carefully got back up, fixed his suit and started to cry. “It’s ok Hal, i'll take you back home to Dave”. Dave? Hal thought. No not dave. Hal tried to run away, but one of his legs was broken. Barnabus grabbed him by the neck and placed him down in the car. When they got to the Victorian Barnabas carried him to apartment 302 instead of 309. Dave opened the door and greeted Barnabas, then he saw Hal. “My goodness Hal. I thought i’d lost you.”

“I think he hurt his leg” Barnabas replied.

The following morning Dave took Hal to the doctor. After roughly an hour and a half a young female veterinarian walked out with Hal, who was now on crutches. She looked at Dave and said “Sir, we think your cat has developed schizophrenia”

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