Monday, March 6, 2017

#6 Sale 275

Hal decided to stay late at work, very late. All of the other co-workers, even coach had left early to try and avoid dealing with the storm at night. Sales that day had been awfully slow and Hal was determined to make a few extra sales in order to keep numbers up. Over the past few weeks, Hal had become quite the master of selling chessboards over the phone. In one hand he was holding a phone about 6 inches away from his ear, trying to dampen the incredibly loud voice of a British mom who occasionally screamed at her children to stop throwing rocks at each other. At the same time, he had another phone held tightly between his head and shoulder. On this phone, he was listening very carefully to a whispering student at Mississippi State who was reading off the numbers of a sleeping roommates credit card. Hal of course did not know this. Using another persons credit card without their permission is illegal and more importantly, against protocol on the third floor of empire offices. Hal always followed protocol.

            274 chessboards sold in 16 hours. Almost 1 sale every 3 and a half minutes. This had never been done before. In fact, Hal might have been the best telemarketer to ever set foot on the earth.

            Brrrrrrrp Brrrrrrp. The sound of the phone echoed throughout the abandoned office. Bouncing off of empty desks and piles of chess boards. Brrrrrp Brrrrrrp. The phone rang. There was a chessboard set on display in the middle of the room. Brrrrrrp Brrrrrrp. The phone rang. The lights flickered. Hal couldn’t hear the rain anymore. Just silence. “Hello Hal” a soft male voice said through the phone. Chills sprinted up the spine of Hal. “lets play a game Hal”. The lights flickered again. A piece on the display chessboard was now moved to a new spot. Hal instantly hung up the phone and gathered his belongings. When he stood up, the lights completely cut off. Hal was now sprinting around the office trying to find the exit. Hal collided with an 8 ft tall stack of chessboards. When he fell to the ground the lights came back on. This time, there was an identical version of Hal wearing a completely red space suit seated at the display chessboard.  

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