Monday, January 23, 2017

#5 Chrysanthemum

A stone skipped through the water.

Ripples of rainbows were created with each bounce of the stone on the crayon infested water. A ripple now traveled to the reflection of Hal who was looking into the water.  Hals normally grey eyes were reflected as a tie-dye of every single color imaginable. The rainbow wave slowly moved through Hals reflection, distorting it. The water calmed down, revealing a new reflection of Hal who was wearing a completely red space suit. Hal was stunned. The reflection suddenly smiled at Hal, causing him to jump and throw the rest of his rocks at the water. Hal left the lake before the water had time to calm down.

Feeling spooked out, Hal rushed to Connie’s coffee shop, because he knew there would be a lot of people gathered there.  A shock ran threw his body when he spotted Olive. He saw the wall of flowers and decided to take action. Hal decided to go with a white Chrysanthemum for the similarity in appearance it shared with a cloud. Hal walked up to Olive, who was busy cleaning spilled coffee. Hal held the flower out in front of her. Olive was still busy scrubbing away. “Hey olive… I got you this flower because when I’m with you, I feel like I’m on a clou-” Before Hal could finish his pick up line, Olive snatched the flower and started scrubbing it into to the ground. She had mistaken it for a new sponge. The flower instantly became a stained and ruined pile of mush. Olive slowly looked up at Hal.

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  1. So... Hal is fun to read. Not sure why. He seems nice enough. He has some idiosyncratic qualities that should at least keep Olive interested. Try not to force him too much. He shouldn't lose the battle.