Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#4 Orange Peel

Hal spent his lunch break picking up orange peels on the tracks. His hands got full pretty quickly so he started filling his briefcase with orange peels. Once his briefcase became full he began filling his suit and pants pockets, as well as his socks. He had just enough room for all the peels, but he lost track of time. It was 4 now and a new train arrived, only to stop and cut off Hal from the rest of the city. He now had to take a new longer route around the train to get back to the empire office building. The orange peels made his pockets look like volcanoes that could erupt at any second. This drew the attention from some people. Others simply did not notice. Hal was unaffected, in fact he forgot the peels were in every article of clothing he owned. It was only when he reached down to tie his shoe that he be reminded, because of the bulging in his socks from the peels. This also made him come to a realization of a problem. He didn’t know what to do with the orange peels. Hal was puzzled by this and decided to seek guidance. Across the street was a boy with tape over his mouth that kept pointing at Hal. An older man who kept his eyes closed accompanied the boy.
“What is it boy. You know I can’t see,” said the old man. The boy kept pointing at Hal.
Hal took notice of this and decided to approach the two. “Hey boys, can I ask for some help,” The boy and the old man didn’t respond. “Well you see, I have a lot of orange peels and I don’t know where to put them,” Hal said
“What, what does that mean. You, you need to give those oranges back to whoever you stole them from,” the old man said. “Yes! Yes! That’s it. Thank you for your help,” Hal replied.

Hal spent his evening placing the orange peels back where he found them. He handled the peels very delicately and was cautious about where he was stepping. He didn’t want to ruin any of the peels. It was nighttime now and Hal had put every single orange peel back where he found it. After a long successful day, Hal decided it was time to go home. On his way home he saw the boy setting up a tent in the park. Hal went over to say thank you to the boy, but the boy didn’t respond. All he did was point into the pitch-black abyss of the playground. Hal nodded and walked into the park. The only sound was that of the wind picking up and a rusty swing rocking.  All of a sudden the old man lunged at Hal screaming “The truth with all its power lives inside me,” repeatedly.

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