Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#3 The Water Jug

Making sure no one can see him, Hal leaps into the air. He lands and proceeds into a full sprint victory run. Hal had just spent his afternoon on a spontaneous get together with Olive Rodriguez. The two shared the majority of a refreshing gallon of water at Rainbow River. Hal ended up leaving with the remainder of the gallon and leaving Olive with his business card. Hal was proud of himself, because he seldom talks to people in real life outside of his job. Although Hal is trained to meet and persuade people over the phone in the telemarketing field, he felt slightly nervous and a little tongue tied when talking to Olive. This didn't sway Hals feeling of joy, nothing could. Not even when he continued his victory run into the street and was met by the car of Barnabas Evergreen.
             Hal slammed into the windshield and stopped moving. A few seconds pass. No reaction from Hal. Barnabas not sure how to react. A few more seconds pass. Its been long enough now for Barnabas to remember that he in fact wasn't moving at all and that Hal had run directly into his car. With this in mind, Barnabas smashed his horn. Instantly Hal sprang back to life. Quarter gallon jug in one hand and his briefcase in the other. The two had been neighbors for a few years now, but this was their first and longest interaction with each other. Barnabas noticed the water jug and fell into a trance. Hal assessed himself, finding out that he was perfectly Ok and then decided to engage in another real life social experience. "Can I get a ride?" Hal said. "uhhh sure" Barnabas replied. 

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